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  • Privacy policy
    Websites operated by Little Star Development Co., Ltd. (including, without limitation, Cody Sanderson (, cares about your privacy and will gather, process, and use your personal data according to the Personal Information Protection Act and these Privacy Terms. We will also provide you with the right to exercise and protect personal data.
  • Scope
    These Privacy Terms and their disclosures apply only to the websites owned and operated by Little Star Development Co., Ltd. (Website). This Website may include many links and services provided to other Partners. Please refer to the designated site of such links or the website of our Partners for details regarding their privacy terms and disclosures regarding personal information protection.
  • Disclosures required by the Personal Information Protection Act:
    — Gathering unit: Little Star Development Co., Ltd.
    — Gathering purpose: Provision for this company with related services; marketing, contractual, quasi-contractual, or other relationships and affairs; customer management and service; online shopping and other e-commerce service; advertisement and business behavior management; and operation of business items in compliance with the business registration or the articles of incorporation.
    — Reminder: The internet is not a secure information transmission.
  • Gathering of personal data
    — When you browse websites operated by this Company, we will not ask you to input personal data.
    — To protect the rights and interests of members, customers will be upgraded to members automatically after they completed the first purchase on the Website.
    — Please confirm the accuracy of the data provided. This Company will not be responsible for the damage or mistake caused by your inaccurate or incomplete personal data.
    — If you refuse to provide your personal data, you may not be able to use some services on the Website.
    — Please keep your member account and password properly. Do not provide the said data to anyone or allow anyone to apply for or use the account or password with your personal data. This Company will not be responsible for any improper use of your password.
    — If you share a computer with others or use a public company, please close the browser to prevent others from seeing the above data and acquiring your account.
    — You will only need to input the email to subscribe to the e-newsletter. If you want to unsubscribe it, contact the customer service of related websites to cancel your subscription.
  • Types of personal data
    For identifying the individual (name, job title, address, phone number, email); personal description (age, gender, date of birth); social status (hobby, recreation, lifestyle, consumption pattern); education; technique or other expertise (education attainment); employment status (employer, duty); others (data required for account settlement or payment, email, guestbook, trail information automatically logged by the system and other personal data that can directly or indirectly identify the user identity), subject to the personal actually gathered by this Company.
  • Use of personal data
    This Website will use the gathered personal data valid for user identification only for processing and use under the purpose of gathering within the Website. Unless with prior notice; or for the need to complete service provision or perform contractual obligations; or at the order or request made according to the relevant laws and regulations or by the related authorities, under no circumstances shall this Website provide for a third party (including inshore and offshore) the personal data valid for user identification or use such data outside of the purpose of gathering. Employees of this Company are granted limited access to your personal data for the need to provide products or services. If joint gathering of personal data with other suppliers is practiced, this Company and our contractors (such as product suppliers, suppliers of logistics and financial services, and suppliers of free gifts and exhibits for an event) shall specify this in such events where joint data gathering is practiced. This Website will continue to retain, process, and use such personal data within the validity of membership and the retention time as specified in related laws and regulations.
  • Exercise of the right to personal data
    According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, you are entitled to make an inquiry of and to review your personal data; request for a copy of your personal data; supplement or correct your personal data; demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of your personal data; and erase your personal data. You may request for exercise of such rights by email (subject to the receipt of your email by this Company, in case of system omission or non-delivery for other reasons). This Company will proceed with your request as quickly as possible upon receiving; except for the transaction data required for carrying out the duty and business of this Website or for recordation by law.
  • Gathering, processing and use of personal data
    This Company may, after acquiring your consent, publish part of this Website’ information on your social network event information page through Facebook or similar social network service systems. If you do not agree with the publication, please do not click the Agree button or remove such information or reject this Website to continue to publish related information from the member mechanism of respective social network services. If you have any problems, please contact this Company. We will help you confirm and handle related problems. If the information regarding shipping address, contact person, or contact methods is not your personal data, you agree that you have acquired the approval from that party to provide such information to this Company, and you have informed that party of the said disclosures. Except for provisions for the judicial, prosecution, investigation, and related responsible authorities, or for this Company’s contractors required for implementation of related events within the scope of use, this Company will not disclose your personal data to a third party without permission. When part of or whole of this Company or this Website is spun off, operated by an independent subsidiary, or merged or acquired by a third party resulting in a management transfer, this Company will publish related details on this Website, and part of or whole of the user information of this Company or this Website may be transferred to a third party in coordination with the management transfer. The transfer of personal data shall be limited to personal data in relation to the management transferred. If part of the operations of this Company or this Website is transferred to a third party, you will still be a member of this Company. If you do not want this Company to use your personal data anymore, you may exercise your rights over this Company according to these Privacy policy.
  • Cookies
    To facilitate future recognition, when you the service of this Website, this Company may set or save cookies in your computer.
    You can decide to enable or disable cookies from your computer or networking device. If you disable cookies, your access to the services of this Website may be inconvenient or limited.
  • Amendment of Privacy policy
    This Company has the right to amend these Privacy Policy and the contents of this Website at any time. We will publish the related notices in the same location of the Website without notifying individual members. If you have questions about or disagreements with the amendments to these Privacy Terms, you can contact this Company by email or stop subscribing the services of this Website.