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About the Founder

Born in Gallup, New Mexico, the USA, in 1964, and grew up in Window Rock, Arizona, Cody Sanderson earns fame for his exceptional creativity and unique style. Sanderson is a person who finds fun in challenge. With unlimited energy, he creates with elements including the sun, the moon, stars, arrows, mountains, tribal signs, etc. The natural and unpretentious tone is like what exactly says he: “Inspirations from the passion for life.”

With the star shape as the brand symbol, apart from being solely a tribute to Indian culture, it symbolizes brightness and goodness for everyone to feel the brand’s positive meaning and value. In a market emphasizing high yield, even the daily output never exceeds 30 pieces, Sanderson never forgets his primary insistence on the endangered pure craftsman techniques. When describing this brand with one adjective, “fun” will be the right choice. Ongoing creativity is what Sanderson wants to bring to consumers.

sliver craft

Achievements of Sanderson’s silver craft

Sanderson never defines the style of his works because he wants fans from different areas to redefine the style and taste of his works through their own way of dressing and matching by means of inclusiveness. This is how Sanderson makes fashion fun and attractive.

Inheriting the now fast-disappearing Indian hand forging techniques and integrating them with 3D simulation and ergonomics, the novel square-circular body with an inverted V appearance speaks of Sanderson’s insight in the skeleton system and attempt to make the ring comfortable for wearing. Blending gold and silver and insistence on hand-polishing require extremely complex and complicated workmanship and reveal Sanderson’s professionalism. Apart from opening a chapter in history, Sanderson has won numbers of awards, and many of Sanderson’s works are collected by the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. Since the brand was established in 2001, Sanderson has been insisting on the most time-consuming flat casting (striking) technique. Instead of commercial luxury market items market featuring mass production, Sanderson targets at the collectible brand image.

In 2008, Sanderson’s works were rated as “The Best of the Show” at a silver ornament show held in the USA. As the brand gradually became an equivalent to fashion, Sanderson’s silver ornaments are now on top of the wearable list of global indicative celebrities. The global media and magazines even praise Cody Sanderson as the “World’s Top 3” silver ornament brand.

2019 FW Brand Total Evolution

In 2019, the US Headquarters officially launched a series of concept apparels: men, women, and kids. Like Sanderson’s insistence on details, the new series reflects the brand’s results of repeated refining and experimentation over the last year. Eventually, products were launched worldwide in the second half of 2019.